I needed this. As a new mom ,newly married, and juggling life as an entrepreneur, I have often found myself asking “how does anyone handle all of this?!” I often go back and forth between feeling confused and conversant, happy and angry , hopeful and hopeless, proud and disappointed, overwhelmed and under control all while trying to keep it together enough to be the happy-go-lucky “mama” that my son relies on for smiles, Baby Shark Dance breaks, and his daily doses of joyful play. Motherhood is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done so this book has truly been a GODSEND at the time I need it the most.

Ugochi’s story is not just inspiring, it’s admirable on so many levels! After learning her story, I thought she has to be a super human of some sort to achieve all that she has while still living a purpose driven, fulfilled life, but after reading this book, I GET IT.

The F.I.E.R.C.E Methodology is practical, reassuring, encouraging, and EFFECTIVE. In the days since beginning to read it, I’ve found myself more confident in my role as a mom, and I’ve been way less critical of myself which has been my biggest challenge. I find myself wanting to be more organized, healthier, stronger in Christ, and not comparing my journey to the next moms.

The author really makes you feel like you have a trusted friend that not just empathizes with you, and understands you, but is rooting for you! When your a woman whose energy is often spent being the one that is uplifting others, knowing that someone is rooting for you means the world.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANY mom, no matter where you are in the journey!
– Ngozi O